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Bold, fierce and sophisticated. The Thalia Curlicue Series is now launching. A statement Betta Fish to symbolize unique individuality, solitude, aggression, strength, power, freedom, beauty and defiant spirit. Never raise you white flag but rather you win this battle, Roses – we are all in it together!
Made from our Thalia signature materials - highest quality of Premium Chiffon Crepe, this is the hijab to get for effortless draping with a numerous styles. You’ll not need to worry too much about wrinkles, which means it’s easy to iron!
Material : Premium Chiffon Crepe
Features:  Easy Styling l Breathable Fabric l Easy Iron l Exclusive Charm
Form : l Long Shawl l Square Scarf l
Measurement : l Long Shawl : 2.0m x 0.7m l Square Scarf : 48” l
Colors : 7 brave colors