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Helena fans are in for a treat because here comes the perfect partner for your favourite hijab - the Helena Inner.

The  Helena Inner produces a neat and immaculate look by keeping your mane  away from your face, preventing any stray hair from peeking through your  hijab. The high-quality cotton lycra fabric provides a smooth finish  and plenty of stretch to cover your head snugly. Just slip it on and  fasten it at the back with the ties attached at the end. Let your hair  through the opening at the back for a more comfortable fit.

Add  volume by using a Naelofar Scrunchy to tie your hair, this creates a  nice bun that will fit perfectly under the inner. The Helena inner is  suitable for all head sizes as it can be adjusted according to your  preferred level of comfort. It's also useful as extra coverage under  sheer hijabs and as additional reinforcement for slippery hijabs so they  can stay in place all day long.

Retail Price:

Semenanjung Malaysia: RM10

Sabah / Sarawak: RM12

SGD / BND: $5

Material : High Quality Cotton Lycra