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Porcelain Rose
Lovers of all things pink will adore the Naelofar Travel Set in  Porcelain Rose. This bright shade will perk up your packing and keep  you organize and stress-free throughout your journey.

Aqua Blue
The Naelofar Travel Set in  the lovely shade of Aqua Blue will keep you calm and collected as your  sort through your belongings in your neatly packed suitcase.

Navy Blue
Navy  Blue is a strong colour that will match well with any suitcase. It’s  also a colour that appeals to both men and women, so you can get a Naelofar Travel Set for your significant other too!

Travelers with an adventurous spirit will love the Naelofar Travel Set in Violet. It’s a bold and daring shade that will make packing your luggage a fun and exciting experience.

Cool Grey
Amp up your coolness factor with the Naelofar Travel Set in Cool Grey. This neutral shade is the perfect option for travelers who take packing seriously.

Retail Price : RM 39 (SM)
RM 41 (SS)
SGD / BND 19