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The  enticing aroma of vanilla and tropical scents of the orchid come  together in perfect harmony in our latest fragrance from the Blossom  series. Vanilla Orchid is a fragrance well suited for the confident  woman. Sweet vanilla provides a flirty sophisticated touch while the  exotic scents of the orchid exudes an air of mystique, culminating into a  lovely balance of soft and bold tones. Vanilla Orchid is a great  fragrance to use when you want a fresh scent that could last you through  the day. With just a quick spritz, you'll be ready to face the world,  no matter what the occasion.

Rose  Blush is a fragrance that celebrates the exquisite qualities of roses  in full bloom. The delicate scent of the rose is a prominent feature in  this fragrance, making it an ideal choice for ladies who prefer feminine  and floral tones. Rose Blush's intoxicating scent is reminiscent of a  bouquet of freshly cut roses. Its aroma teases your senses, a romantic  and desirable fragrance that is simply divine. Subtle yet alluring, you  can wear the Rose Blush in any setting, use it daily or save it for  special occasions, whatever your preference, this is a scent that will  keep you smelling fabulous from day till night.

Retail Price :
Semenanjung Malaysia : RM 53 for 30 ml
Sabah / Sarawak : RM 55 for 30 ml
Singapore / Brunei : SGD / BND 26 for 30 ml